Alright, cleaned up my sketch from here

And I thought up an episode featuring them while I was doing this. I apologize in advanced for my bad story telling.

Finn and Jake are told by Princess Bubblegum that there have been pirates spotted off shore in the sea of the Land of Ooo. She tells them to go check it out and see if they are a threat or not.

The two of them go to the beach and spot Motochika and his big-ass ship the instant they get there. Motochika goes to shore on his anchor and talks to the two them. Finn realizes this pirate is just a cool dude and tells him that they like adventure.

So Motochika is like ‘Well hop on my ship and we’ll go adventuring’. Finn and Jake obviously can’t turn down this offer and go of sailing with Motochika and the crew.

Then a montage happens where they are fighting seamonsters and shit. All the time, Motochika mentions some ‘ice princess’ that he want’s to be friend’s with, but they won’t accept his princess. Finn and Jake think the ice princess is actually related to the Ice King, so they tell him to stay away from her.

Motochika just laughs and tells them they have it all wrong. He decides to take them to this so called ice princess that lives on a near by island.

On the island, they run into this person wearing green and Motochika yells ‘Iceeee prinncccesss!’. The person replies, in a surprisingly deep voice, ‘I’m the Prince of the Sun, Mori Motonari! Stop telling people I’m the Ice Princess’.

'You're personality is as cold as ice though' Motochika would mutter to Finn and Jake. They all burst into laughter.

Except Mori. He uses the power of the sun to give them all sun burns.

They then leave, still laughing, but crying as well because of the pain.

-the end

Cartoon network, feel free to hire me whenever.


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